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Customer Testimonials

Interplug prides itself in its solid base of satisfied clients. While most other hosting companies operate on a "sign up as many as you can, lose whoever along the way" philosophy, Interplug strives to build solid, long lasting relationships with its clients. In fact, a majority percentage of Interplug's clients have been with us for more than 2 years. Listen to what they have to say...

...amazing response times...
"I simply can't believe your amazing response times. I have never seen this level of service anywhere. Your help is as always appreciated!"

...an oasis...
"After having switched between four hosting companies in as many months, I still can't believe I've found someone I can actually depend on. I feel like I've found an oasis in the desert."

When do you sleep?
"Thanks for the help. One question, when do you sleep?"

...saved my butt...
"Phew, glad I'm not the only one awake at this odd hour. You guys saved my butt yet again. THANK YOU!"

...someone I'd do business with any day...
"Thank you for taking care of that... I am (as always) amazed just how much above and beyond you go for your customers... You are someone I'd do business with any day. Not even a question."

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