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About Us

About Us

Founded as Online Link in 1993, Interplug was one of the first Web Presence Providers on the Internet, providing help to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s) in getting connected to the Internet and establishing a World Wide Web presence. Continuing to realize the full potential of the Internet, Interplug introduced our ground-breaking line of Virtual Servers, code-named "MediaServers" in 1996, providing customers with unsurpassed Virtual Hosting services. Since then, Interplug has continued to expand its range of services to provide a one-stop-shop for an Internet Presence, ranging from Virtual Servers, to Dedicated Servers, to E-Commerce Solutions, and more.

Mission Statement

Interplug’s long-term strategy is to continue to provide its customers a single solution for all their hosting needs, including application hosting. We strive to provide a highly responsive and reliable service while maintaining that "personal touch" with our customers. Our corporate motto remains: Quality, not quantity.


Interplug continues to form strategic partnerships with leading companies to provide an unsurpassed hosting solution. Below are some of our partners:
Intel Cobalt Networks Compaq
Microsoft Verio Cisco Systems