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Oracle8i Details

Hosted Oracle Details
The database that drives global e-commerce is now within reach of virtually any business seeking to build a solid foundation for rapid growth. Hosted Oracle8i is a new solution that brings your customers the power and security of Oracle--the premier Internet database technology--at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Oracle server.

More Power for Less Cash!
The cost of Hosted Oracle: A one-time set up fee plus a monthly fee as low as $250. No other Oracle offering even comes close! With Hosted Oracle you get:

  • A rich set of application, data, and networking services to meet all needs
  • Reliability to handle even the most mission-critical applications
  • Flexibility to meet new requirements
  • Scalability for long-term growth
  • Low IT operational costs
  • Critical managed services including data backup and recovery¹, database monitoring, maintenance, and 24x7 security

Plus, you can enhance Hosted Oracle with a full range of other Interplug services to create fast and powerful Web sites, including Web hosting and e-commerce Our solutions grow with your customer, so there's no need for complicated multiple sourcing.

How Does it Work?
You share a partitioned virtual Oracle server with other users, but your tablespace is invisible to them. The number of tables, indexes, and other objects that can be placed in your tablespace is limited only by disk space, which is fully upgradeable. We'll even set up your account to automatically upgrade disk space as you need it, if you prefer.

In addition, Hosted Oracle includes managed services such as Backup, Recovery, and Monitoring-all without a $100K/year dedicated DBA!

Choose a service plan based on the number of concurrent connections you'll need. Concurrent Connections are connections to your database that take place in a given one-second time slice.

For example, you've created a Web form that works with Oracle. How much traffic do you think the form will receive? If you expect more than 10 people to hit the "submit" button in any one second, you'll want to choose a service plan with at least 20 concurrent connections per second to avoid an error message. If an error message is sent, the user can simply re-submit.

For more information or details on Oracle 8i Hosting, contact our Sales Team.

¹ Recovery services are custom and incur an additional charge.