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Dedicated Hosting Achievments

Dedicated Hosting Achievements
Interplug prides itself in maintaining an established base of managed dedicated hosting customers who require nothing less than 24/7/365 uptime and superior one-on-one support. Interplug has been recognized by both its clients and peers for its unsurpassed support team, providing round-the-clock instant support whenever necessary.

Hosting established entertainment industry sites, Interplug's Dedicated Hosting program supported sites listed as high as #8 on the Web's Hot 100 List, drawing an average 20 million hits per day. Interplug's experienced system administrators ensured that the site stayed operational under extremely heavy, unexpected loads and ensured the site was secure at all times. For information on Interplug's System Administration services, contact Sales.

Interplug also maintains dedicated solutions for businesses requiring complex custom software installations, including Distributed Transaction and Database server clusters. Interplug clients run sites doing well over 1000 e-commerce transactions per day, all under the guidance of Interplug's dedicated support team.

To learn more about our Dedicated Hosting offerings, e-mail us.